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"Premium Pass" Regulation
1. General Information

1.1 Italia Amica Mia “Premium Pass” is a voucher with a financial nominal value accepted in the hospitality facilities part of Italia Amica Mia “Premium Pass Club” network as listed on the websites www.italiaamicamia.com and www.premiumpassclub.it;
1.2 These regulations have to be read and accepted at the moment of purchase of a “Premium Pass Club”;

1.3 Please visit www.italiaamicamia.com and www.premiumpassclub.it in order to know which facilities are part of the network and how to use your “Premium Pass”;

2. “Premium Pass” conditions of use

2.1 Italia Amica Mia Premium Passes are available as:

- Voucher: transferrable to a third party that can be combined until the indicated maximum amount (Point 2.4 of this regulation);

- Card: personal and valid for 1 year from the date of subscrittion until 
the indicated maximum amount (Point 2.4 of this regulation);

2.2 In order to use the “Premium Pass” it is necessary to make the booking directly with the selected hotels according to the facility's preferred method of booking (by phone, email, website, etc.)

2.3 The discounted rate offered by “Premium Pass” refers to the price as indicated on the official price list of the facilities of the network and cannot be combined with other offers or promotions at the moment of booking/payment.

2.4 The total value of the “Premium Pass” that can be used for each night of your stay cannot be higher than the maximum amount as listed in the reference table here below:


until 65 euro per night   5 euro per night

over 65 until 110 euro per night   10 euro per night

over 110 until 140 euro per night   15 euro per night

over 140 until 170 euro per night   20 euro per night

over 170 until 200 euro per night   25 euro per night

over 200 until 230 euro per night   30 euro per night

over 230 until 260 euro per night   35 euro per night

over 260 until 290 euro per room/night   40 euro per night

over 290 until 320 euro per night   45 euro per night

over 320 euro per night   50 euro per night

3. Information

3.1 For any information, suggestion or complaint regarding the use and validation of your “Premium Pass”, please contact us at this phone number  +39 030313374 or this email address


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