Welcome to the network dedicated to all Friends of Italy in the world.

Italia Amica Mia takes part and organises trade fairs and events with a focus on Italian F&B, tourism, crafts, art, culture and product design in the major squares of Europe and of the world. Thanks to the collaboration of local institutions and the small membership fee provided by its member companies, Italia Amica Mia represents the best Italian companies in private stalls or collective areas in order to promote and to meet the needs of all its partners.

In order to take part in the events and enjoy a discounted rate, it is necessary to be a member of Italia Amica Mia. In some specific cases, Italia Amica Mia accepts the application of non-member companies to meet the requests and needs of the organizers.

Events are organised on a regular basis and are in constant development. According to their interest, strategic needs and position on different markets, member companies can decide to what events they want to take part in and therefore make arrangements with Italia Amica Mia for participating directly or being represented at the event.
Participating at Italia Amica Mia events means opening an important window into foreign markets, introducing or better positioning your company and products by entering in contact with distributors, stakeholders, buyers and a target audience strongly interested in Italian products of quality and excellence.


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Info: Ufficio Eventi Italia Amica Mia 030313374  info@italiaamicamia.com