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Rue Constant Deraedt, 26 1300 Wavre
Tel.: 010/60 56 26
Fax: 010/60 56 26
Opening times:

Monday closed
from Tuesday. to Sunday from 12:30am alle 14:00pm and from 18:30pm to 22:30pm
Holder: Moeyersons Thierry
Chef: Potente Susy
Our restaurant offers fine dining and tasty that reflects the culture of southern Italy. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients of the highest quality, to the delight of gourmets. They are cooked by mixing flavors, know-how and Mediterranean ingredients. Everything from life to light cuisine and regional level. You will be welcomed in a pleasant chef "POWERFUL" and his staff in the heart of the city of Wavre.

For info and reservations: www.benvenutialsud.be