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Grote Poot 1 - 7411 KE Deventer

Opening times:
Holder: Raffaele Natale
Chef: Raffaele Natale
Italian Kitchen Restaurant does justice to its name, everything is cooked in an authentic and seasonal. The menu consists of classic and modern Italian dishes. The owner Raffaele from the Italian region of Puglia, is in charge of the kitchen. The co-owner and hostess Geke happy to inform you about the dishes and provide a suggestion for wine. You can also take a cooking class with us. Italian cuisine is a slow-food cuisine including pasta and bread made directly from organic spelled flour. Ideal for those who appreciate Italian cuisine and know that the wait is rewarded with dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. Inside the restaurant you recognize the simplicity and quality of Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is affiliated with Italian Hospitality Netherlands Foundation for the protection of the true Italian cuisine.

For info and reservations: www.cucinadeventer.nl