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Herenstraat 79, 2282 BS Rijswijk
Tel.: 070 399 41 20
Opening times:

from Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00am to 16.00pm

from Tuesday to Saturday from 17.00pm to 22.00pm
Holder: Angelo Barbagallo
Chef: Angelo Barbagallo
At the foot of the church, right in the center of Old Rijswijk, you will find Italian hospitality in the restaurant Gran Sasso.

Our menu offers a wide choice of dishes and wines. Meat, fish or pasta, you need too. All freshly prepared dishes, the typical Italian taste and smell. We give various wines from different regions of Italy. Our smooth staff can provide expert wine advice.

Do you have something to celebrate ? You can also drink, wedding, birthday parties, reunions or group outings to us. Lunch, dinner or party is an Italian, cozy, warm, tasty and affordable experience.

We welcome you in our restaurant.

For info and reservations: www.gransasso.nl