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2 Place Sainte Catherine -  1000 Bruxelles
Tel.: 02/502 50 30 - Fax  02/502 56 03  
em ail: ilatini@ilatini.be
Opening times:

Aperto 7/7, 11h-14h30 e 19h.23h
Holder: Antonio Mastrogiovanni    
The philosophy of the restaurant Latinos was born there, in Orria, a village in the province of Salerno, in southern Italy, surrounded by vines and olive trees that are bathed in sunlight throughout the year ...
From that inspiration, a little over twenty years ago, the restaurant was born, passion fruit Antonio for the old stones. The pride of the place Sainte Catherine, was completely renovated in 1990 and then enlarged and modernized in 2013. Due to the momentum of the entire staff, I Latini is a place where not only echo the hushed atmosphere of the past, but the shine lights of modernity, and which now houses a cosmopolitan customers.

For info and reservations: www.ilatini.be